'Negative reaction from White House was not right'

Erdogan critized the White House of its negative reaction towards his statements regarding Israel

'Negative reaction from White House was not right'

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan heavily criticized Syrian President Bashaar Al-Asaad stating “These are the last moves being played by Bashaar. I believe that Allah will question Bashaar and take revenge of all innocent children which he has killed, because Allah is the best of Judges. Erdogan also criticized the US administration: ‘‘It was not personable for America to react to our statements; we pointed to Israel as the main figure behind the military coup in Egypt. Why does the US react?”

Below are some of the main points of the PM Erdogan's speech which took place in the province of Rize:

Some people are telling us Turkey has became 'lonely' in the Middle East. They should know that we are not 'lonely'. If they have tanks, military planes and artillery that they use to kill innocent kids, we firstly have Allah and our people by our side.

From 1071 until today we have been ambassadors of peace. We have encouraged peace, protected the rights of the innocent and encouraged brotherhood and friendship. We have always been on the side of the oppressed and will continue to do so!

No one can order us what to do! Everyone should keep in mind that Turkey will continue to be on the side of the oppressed and do whatever should be done, regardless of the criticism at home and abroad.

It should also never be forgotten that we will always be with the people of Cairo, of Quds, of Damascus. Now I am asking to you who has been questioning “why are we so concerned about others?”. Don not forget! We have a responsibility that has came with the history that we share with our neighbors. In our battle in Canakkale did we ask why our brothers from Cairo, from Quds, from Damascus were fighting on our side, in our lines? Without any doubt they fought with the enemy in our lines and defended our land with us.  By not being concerned with the massacres taking place around us, we will be turning our backs to our grandfathers and our people who have died for this cause and civilization.

When we stated that the main figure behind the military coup in Egypt was Israel we suddenly got a negative reaction from the United States. To be honest I was disappointed; what we said was not addressed to the US but to Israel. So what is happening to America? If someone has to be concerned, it should be Israel. It was disappointing to see a NATO member reacts in such a manner to another member of NATO.

Can you see the double standards currently taking place? Have you now learned who stick with democray and who act against it?

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