'Our mission is to stand against coup': Erdogan

Turkish Premier Erdogan said Wednesday that it was Turkey's mission was to stand against military coups, for Turkey was a nation which grew up with military coups.

'Our mission is to stand against coup': Erdogan

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated Wednesday that it was Turkey's mission was to stand against military coups for "Turkey was a nation which grew up with military coups." 

Speaking at a fast breaking dinner hosted by a civil servants' union in Ankara, Erdogan reiterated his country's strong opposition against the military coup in Egypt. 

"A political power which received 52 percent of popular vote has been toppled with tanks," he said of last week removal of Egypt first democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi from office.

Egyptian military chief and Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi had announced the head of the constitutional court as the new interim president of Egypt until presidential elections were held.

Erdogan accused international community to failure to denounce the military coup in Egypt "except for Turkey and and a couple of other countries. They even have failed to call the military coup by its proper name.

"The military chief in Egypt has appointed the president of the country. Who instated him [the interim president]? Is it the will of the Egyptian people? No. It is those who staged the military coup," he said.

"The world rejects to see people in Egypt who stood up for the ballots they had cast. They reject to see people being massacred."

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