Our sorrows, delights after the attempted coup in Turkey

The Worldbulletin editor Erhan Erken writes on important points regarding the failure of the attempted coup of July 15

Our sorrows, delights after the attempted coup in Turkey

Erhan Erken

Worldbulletin Editor

On the eve of July 15 Turkey has very quickly saw it face to face with an attempted coup. From the very first moments, the World Bulletin has announced on its English and Arabic internet sites that it had opposed the attempted coup. 

We have aimed to give our readers the right information as fast as possible. As always, we haven't relied on information that can cause provocations in this difficult time.

In particular, in our English and Arabic internet sites, we have attempted to select the information regarding the events. Once more we have seen for sure that in addition to printed publication and Tv broadcasts, digital broadcasts hat addresses a broad area of people is very important in such cases.

During this time, the circulation of our English ( www.worldbulletin.net ) and Arabic ( www.akhbaralaalam.net ) site had a serious increase and we are proud that we have been able to be in position that has provided an opportunity for people around the world to follow events in Turkey from a reliable source.

We are grateful to God as the attempted coup has been eliminated for now.
May God never enable our people to live such days again.

Our Sorrows and Delights After the Attempted Coup in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey has experienced roughly five periods when army interfered in the political and social life to different extents. Those were the 27th May 1960 Coup, 1980 Coup, 1971 Memorandum, 28th February 1997 Postmodern Coup and 27th April e-memorandum. Although in all of these events there was an intervention in the civilian life to various extents, they differ greatly in their conditions, the way they were done in and their results.

Apart from the previous four coups, in the last 27th April e- memorandum, the political authority in the country didn't bow down to the army members who submitted the memorandum and the process ended in a way that even the coup members wouldn't want to remember any more.

After the 27th April, a security feeling emerged in the public with the idea that the term of memorandums and coups in Turkey came to an end.

After the foundation of Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2001 and its coming into power within a years time in 2002, a new period in Turkey has begun. After a steady term that continued for a period of 10 years , there emerged some distress in the country also as a result of the problems of the outside world. The terrorist events in the south and south east part of the country began to increase and with the Gezi events that took place 2013, the signs of foreign intervention to the politics in the country were seen.

Elections that took place one after another, pursuits of resolution term with PKK before the elections, fights against the PKK centered attempts especially in the eastern cities that were continuing especially for a year, the isolation of Turkey which was exposed by the external powers and trials to reinforce relations with them and the resolution process related to the conditions in and outside of the country that changed continually, occupied the agenda of the country to a high degree.

With the government that is now lead by the recent premiership of Binali Yıldırım, foreign policy has begun to soften through the relations with Russia and Israel and the signals of the re-establishment of the relations with Egypt has brought with it the anticipations that a new stage in Turkey was going to begin.

In the meantime, on the evening of 15th July, a new military coup attempt took place in Turkey. Contrary to the previous coups, the coup attempt began at about 22.00, time in which the reaons for why would become clearer over time.

At first look, different from the terms of the previous coups, the country was not in a serious "state of coup". Only the news that in the forthcoming Supreme Military Council there would be a purging of the Parallel State members. This had caused uneasiness related to the developments that may emerge however this did not  create an impression on the people that there was going to be a very harsh struggle against them. Or those on the outside could not understand that much but the dimensions of the situation were far deeper inside. So what had happened that resulted in such a move?

The attempt was not a hierarchically ordered attempt. All of the high rank army members were not in the faction group. It was seen that a certain group in the army was taking part in the attempted coup.

Previously, despite that there had been remarks that Parallel state extensions in the army had built up a important strength, there had been also a general impression that it would not lead to a serious problem and such an impression was being spread and was commonplace. 
The attempted coup process that began with the closure of the two bridges on the Bosporus, leading to initialy very rough hours in İstanbul and Ankara. Not long after, it was heard that an attack had been made to the hotel where the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was staying as he was on vacation. There was serious news that high rank commanders had been taken hostage. TRT, the state broadcaster was raided by the attempted coup members thoughly only for a short time.

The parliament and the Presidential Palace was bombed. Unarmed public resisting against the military tanks were fired upon. Unfortunately, cars and people standing on the way of the tanks were crushed by the tanks. Helicopters and warplanes that were used in the attempt, also opened fire on various targets.

The President and the Prime Minister called the people into the streets and the people answered to this call seriously. This call and the immediate reaction of the public to this call were very critical developments in order to prevent the attempted coup from being successful.

After the initiaal amazement, the public heeded the call of the President and Prime Minister and poured into the streets. It was after this that the events were reversed.

This huge attempt, the dimensions of which will be understood further more in the course of time, is now regarded as eliminated. But according to the warnings by the authorities, the danger imminent and the threat has not been completely uprooted. There are still hotspots of trouble.

God willing, this trouble will be eliminated as soon as possible and our social life returns to normal. Each stage of this process that we tried to summarize briefly above needs to be analyzed in detail. We estimate this analysis is going to be made after some time when the stones fall in place.

As a member of this society, according to our first knowledge and analysis, we wish to explain the points that have made us happy and upset in different aspects.

Points of sorrow

-In this attempt, some people in the army abused the material and non material power that people in the country had entrusted to them. They used the armaments that had been purchased with the money of the public against the public and against the government leaders who were elected by the public.

-They resultant false image inside and outside of the country, even if only to a certain level, of the Turkish army, one of the biggest armies of the world and region and one that is a beach of hope fo the oppressed countries in the region.

-They attempted to use armed forces to the elected President of the country.

-They opened fire to an unarmed public and crushed some of them with the tanks.

-They bombed the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

-They bombed very important governmental departments of the state in Ankara and they opened fire from the planes and the helicopters.

-They tried to give the impression that there is a dichotomy in the army.

-They caused a negative impact on the overall moral and motivation of the people, they tried to shake the security feeling of the members of the public.

-They caused an environment where economic problems may emerge.

-With the attempted coup that they engaged in, they set a bad example for the young future generations.

 Sources of joy

-The Turkish people reacted against this attempted coup courageously.

-The women, the men, the elderly and the young children filled the squares and offered a civilian resistance. This civilian resistance has never been  previous coups and coup attempts; this showed a strong, positive image and set a good example

-Our President and Prime Minister,very braveily, despite being under very difficult conditions, sent a message to the public and to those who didn't take part in the attempt and gave them moral support and showed true leadership.

-All political parties showed their reaction against this attempted coup in a united manner which is unheard of.

-Despite TRT being occupied for a short time, other Turkish broadcasters and mainstream media united against the attempte coup. This point is a very important gain in respected to the failure of the coup.

-Full and semi non-government organisation condemned the coup shortly after it began and held meetings, published notices and stated their side clearly.

- Despite the chaos, there could very nearly been a police versus army armed struggle which was not to be the case and this danger was evaded with relatively little casualties.


We thank God that this coup attempt failed to reach its aim. If it had been successful, the result might have been very different for Turkey, for the region and the world balance.

From now on, exceptional care must be taken.. We believe authorities willl be taking precautions in order to prevent the components that may resort to further attempts again. Of course it is a significant point that the ringleaders of this attempt must be punished severely. Immediately the wounds of all parts of the society must be recovered and we have to remind once more that as well as the authorized departments of the state, civil and sem civilian organizations and all voluntary agencies must show a maximum effort in this point.

In periods of distress and emotional times, the tests of the people and administrations are even for more difficult. For this reason we must underline the point that we must watch our behavior. We must be very careful in order to separate the grain from the chaff and try to stand with justice in every case.

The reactions must be prudent and the decisions related to the members of the attempt should not be attributed to the innocent people and communities.

During the coup attempt and during this point in time, the manners of the external powers must be analyzed especially and recorded to be evaluated in the future relations. We mustn't give credit to the falsified news, when we convey some information to other people we must verify its accuracy.

The reactions of people who submitted a very important function in the prevention of this attempt must be managed and and kept under control. Each member and group of the society must take their responsibility in order to provide the discipline of the rightful reaction of the people on the streets.

We offer our nation our best wishes. With all our heart, we condemn the enactors, organizers, provokers and supporters of the attempt. For those brothers who lost their lives in the events, we wish the blessing of God and we give their families our condolences. We wish the wounded people a quick recovery.

Assalamu aleikum. 

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