PKK hits out at Abdullah Ocalan

In statement made today by the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan will not call for disarmament, and stated that the will to lay down their arm is their own will.

PKK hits out at Abdullah Ocalan

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On the back of the June 7 elections, the PKK who has said in a statement that - during the Nawruz celebrations Abdullah Ocalan who been been left outside of the Peace Process -  the call to lay down arms is invalid and that only "we can call for the laying down of arms".

According to a statement in the ANF, the PKK calling for renegotiation said:

“We stress clearly that, leaving the issue of the guerilla armed struggle against Turkey and its will is within our Freedom Movement. People must remember that the HDP is not the legal voice of the PKK. As a result, in the way that the HDP cannot make this call to lay down arms, with the current status on Imrali, Onder Apo is not in a position to make this call. The call to lay down arms must be awaited upon and impositions in this manner is a sign of not continuing the peace process and our Freedom Movement cannot accept this. Our view neither takes in not listening to Onder Apo, or the execution of the policy of the HDP.

He continued saying, just yesterday in the streets of Amed, there were armed attacks and a massacre that took place, so there can be talk of laying down arms when the Kurdish people have no guarantee of a free and democratic life, nor can we expect our people to surrender to those who are executioners. No one from the Freedom Movement either wants this or expects this".

Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 Haziran 2015, 17:28