PKK plants bomb, kills civilian in SE Turkey

The PKK youth branch ambushed a public passenger vehicle in Sirnak, killing one civilian

PKK plants bomb, kills civilian in SE Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

A bomb has exploded in the path of a minibus in the district of Cizre, in Sirnak province of South East Turkey. The bomb was planted as part of the PKK Youth Branch's YDG-H members to prevent entry into their neighbourhood.

The YDG-H members dug a trench in the Nur neighbourhood, closing off a two road intersection which was the ambushed bomb was planted.

The bomb claimed the life of Sahip Akil, 31, as he was driving through the intersection. Immediately after, several police armoured vehicles and ambulances arrived on the scene. Akil was taken to Cizre State Hospital by ambulance. 

The suspected bomb contain elements of TNT and C4 contained with a A4 type plastic container.The trench and the crime scene are now currently under police investigation. 

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