PKK urges US to be 'mediator' to end Turkish air strikes

The PKK has urged the US to play mediator to end the Turkish air strikes against the militants.

PKK urges US to be 'mediator' to end Turkish air strikes

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According to an article published in the UK's Daily Telegraph, the PKK has claimed that in order for Turkish air strikes to end, they have had "indirect secret" meetings with the US.

The article, headlined as "PKK urges US to mediate in its war with Turkey and admits to secret talks with Washington" displayed a sympathetic angle to PKK and that it was keen on the US playing a mediator role in ending of air strikes.

In an interview with Telegraph, Cemil Bayik, one of the three-man interim leadership council of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), would not identify the intermediaries in the negotiations – used because of its international proscription as a terrorist group.

He also said the group was rejecting any idea of a unilateral ceasefire in the recent fight with Ankara, in which it has killed more than 20 policemen and soldiers while coming under heavy air attack from Turkish fighter bombers.

Bayik said that his would only be possible under  US guarantees.

“Of course there are messages, there are meetings, letters and they are likely to develop more,” he said. “I repeat my call that the US mediate in this situation between us and Turkey, and if they give us a guarantee we accept that role.

“Unless there are guarantees we cannot make unilateral steps.”

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