Police report hunts users of Turkey Sledgehammer coup CDs

the Security General Directorate has drafted a report in which all recent users of 19 CDs, which contain the records of a 2003 military seminar at which the suspected coup plan was devised, are indicated by name.

Police report hunts users of Turkey Sledgehammer coup CDs

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In line with an ongoing investigation into the Sledgehammer coup plan, the Security General Directorate has drafted a report in which all recent users of 19 CDs, which contain the records of a 2003 military seminar at which the suspected coup plan was devised, are indicated by name, a Turkish report said.

The police report is mainly based on earlier reports prepared by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and experts at police criminal laboratories and forensic experts, Cihan news agency said, citing a report from Turkish daily "Zaman". The reports confirmed that the Sledgehammer CDs were prepared in 2003 and were not added to afterwards.

Critics of the Sledgehammer investigation had raised claims that the coup plan was fabricated and later added to the CDs. According to the claims, the main intention was to discredit the armed forces in the eyes of the nation.

However, experts from the Security General Directorate recently examined the Sledgehammer CDs and concluded that all documents on the CDs were from 2003 or earlier and that the CDs did not include any document added after 2003, according to the paper.

The Sledgehammer Security Operation Plan mentions a systematic plan by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to create chaos in society by bombing mosques and attacking popular museums with Molotov cocktails. The desired result was to increase pressure on the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government for failing to provide security to its citizens. The attacks were to eventually lead to a military coup.

The plan was drawn up in 2003 and discussed in a seminar held at the General Staff's Selimiye barracks in March of that year. The General Staff has denied that the Sledgehammer plot was the subject of a seminar, saying they had no record of such an incident and defended itself by claiming that the Sledgehammer plan was merely a war game.


Experts from the Security Directorate General also included the names of a few recent users of Sledgehammer CDs in their report. It was recently revealed that the CDs were prepared by two civil servants who worked at the 1st Army in 2003. The CDs were kept in a military facility dubbed the “cosmic room” in Ankara where top secret army documents are archived.

According to the directorate report, only certain officers were entitled to enter the cosmic room at the time. Among them were Süha Tanyeri, the former head of the General Staff's Strategic Research and Study Center (SAREM), retired Col. Bülent Tunçay, Captain Tanju Poshor and civil servants Sevilay Erkani Bulut and Melek Üçtepe. The report also stated that there were three computers in the cosmic room. The report contained the user names of the final few users of the computers and Sledgehammer CDs. The user names were “HRKBSK,” “serkani,” “79561079,” “NAZLI,” “79964008," “m.Uctepe” and “fserbest.”

An examination of the user names showed that “HRKBSK” belonged to Tanyeri, while “serkani” and “79561079” belonged to Bulut, “NAZLI,” “79561079” and “m.UCTEPE” belonged to Üçtepe, and “fserbest” belonged to a military officer identified as Fikret Serbest.

The report also indicated who the CDs were prepared and saved by as well as how many times they were changed and when the final user took a print of the document inside. It also showed how many minutes a user worked on the CDs

In addition, CD number 11, which included the “Sledgehammer Operation Plan.doc,” was prepared by user “79561079.” On a later date, the plan was worked on and saved by “HRKBSK” with the name “Sledgehammer operation plan.doc.” The same plan was finally saved by “Suha TANYERİ” with the name “Sledgehammer Operation Plan.doc.”

Another document on the same CD about the establishment of the Milli Mutabakat (National Agreement) government after the planned coup was prepared by “NAZLI” and was later re-named by “79561079” as “Staff to join P1 workshop_Mesa.doc.” The same document was re-named again, this time by “HRKBSK,” as “National agreement Government Program.doc.” It was finally named by “Suha TANYERİ” as “National Agreement Government Program.doc.”

Civil servants Bulut and Üçtepe told a military prosecutor in February of last year that they "prepared the Sledgehammer CDs themselves upon the orders of military higher-ups."

They said they prepared the 19 CDs that included all of the details of the military seminar shortly after it was over, and the CDs were kept in the cosmic room for a long time.

The Sledgehammer coup plan is currently the subject of a trial at the İstanbul 10th High Criminal Court. There are 196 suspects in the case, all retired and active duty members of the military. The prime suspect is retired Gen. Çetin Doğan, the former head of the 1st Army. Prosecutors are seeking up to 20 years in prison for Doğan on charges of a failed attempt to overthrow the government and destroy Parliament.

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