PYD gives green light to join Syrian army

In a report to London based newspaper Al-Hayat, the PYD co-chairman has said that with the right conditions, the PYD can join with Assad amry

PYD gives green light to join Syrian army

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The PYD co chairman Salih Muslim has given a signal saying that they are prepared to join Assad's armed forces.

According to a news source in Rudaw, the London based Al-Hayat newspaper who spoke with Musim said that the YPG, the armed wing of PYD, if met with the right conditions has said that may possibly join the Syrian army.

Muslim, in the report said, "If the Syrian army are prepared to go in a new direction with fresh conditions, then why not?" In that case, the YPG will become a part of the Syrian army. However the Baath mentality and logis is not acceptable. We will not return to the past".

The PYD leader also added that, "they are struggling for a democratic and federal state for Syria".
In referring to PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and the relation between the Syrian government, he also said that, "in that relationship, there is a benefit for both parties".

Güncelleme Tarihi: 27 Temmuz 2015, 10:52