Russia wants to produce S-300 missiles with Turkey

The head of the Russian state arms company announced that they want to produce S-300 missiles with Turkey.

Russia wants to produce S-300 missiles with Turkey

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The S-300 missile, which is in the news due to Russia’s sale of the missiles to Syria and due to the prohibited sale of them to Iran, is again on the agenda because of the possible production of them with Turkey.

According to a report in RIA Novosti, in his announcement during an arms exhibition held in the Peruvian capital of Lima Saturday, President of the Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport Sergei Ladygin reminded that the tender for Turkey's long-range air defense system had not been completed.

Ladygin also stated, “Russia is ready to develop and produce the S-300PMU1 system, the advanced version of the S-300 system, in partnership with Turkey,” indicating that the missiles would be modified according to Turkish carrier ramps.

According to the Ladygin, if this deal is concluded, Russia will give Turkey the license to sell the system to other countries.

S-300 missiles can both be used against enemy fighter aircraft and also as ballistic missiles.

Iran, which cannot but the S-300 air defense system from Russia due to a 2010 decision of the UN, has expressed that it will produce a copy of the S-300 in one year.

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