Tahsin Sahinkaya, Turkish 1980 coup leader dead

The Turkish commander who was created the political consitution of today has died.

Tahsin Sahinkaya, Turkish 1980 coup leader dead

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Tahsin Sahinkaya was a former Air Force Coammnder  who along with previous Turkish President Kenan Evren, who at the time was Chief of Staff, was the mastermind behind the coup d'etat has passed away aged 90. Consequently, the September 12 coup case, with no living witnesses, has also now been dropped.

Sahinkaya was the mastermind behind 1980 coup d'etat along with Kenan Evren and three other commanders, who formed the National Security Council that ruled the country through suspending the constitution and by decrees until 1983.

was implicated in bribery allegations regarding the purchase of 40 Lockheed aircraft. In 1976 in a testimony to the US Senate, a Lockheed-Martin said that $24 million was paid in bribes to members of "friendly" governments West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Japan during the process of the sale of the aircraft.

Those countries who were involved in the scandal were prosecuted and sentenced to heavy penalties. In Turkey, no charges were laid despite the fact that parliament and the Turkish Armed Forces organising a commission to investigate the scandal.

During the investigation, the goverment and the military command changed hands. The investigations into the Lockheed scandal, were closed off with the final words from ex-President Kenan Evren prior to the September 12 1980 military coup, "Lockheed, in my opinion is an enigma. Alot of work has been done, but nothing has been proven".

Times magazine had also listed Sahinkaya as one of the top 50 military generals of the time. Born into an improverished family in Merzifon, his wealth was estimated to be nearly 1 billion dollars. That edition of Times magazine was banned from sale in Turkey.

In addition to his wealth, a Turkish Intelligence report by Mehmet Eymur also alleged that Sahikaya along with Sari Avni, Behcet Canturk, Dundar Kilic and Fahrettin Aslan had ties with the construction tender mafia.

The Istanbul Deputy Police Chief Muavini Mehmet Agar who had close ties with Mehmet Agar, claimed that the individuals were involved in every level of mafia business.

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