Third delegation to visit PKK leader Ocalan this week

AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik revealed that the third delegation might visit jailed PKK leader Ocalan at Imrali island this week, as the change of the individuals in the delegation is being discussed.

Third delegation to visit PKK leader Ocalan this week

World Bulletin/News Desk

AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik indicated that the third meeting with jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan might be held this week.

After the announcement Celik made today at the AK Party headquarters in Ankara, he anserwed journalists’ questions about the delegation to be sent to Imrali island.

Without mentioning an exact date, Celik provided the following answer to a question: "The Minister of Justice is the body that will grant permission to those going to Imrali. The statement he will supply is important. He has not yet made an explanation about the day and time. Probably next week. Because the responses to the three [Ocalan] letters sent to three separate addresses need to also reach the island. The Minister made such a statement. The Minister did not specify a date regarding this. I cannot give a date."

After the leak of recordings of the meeting between Ocalan and the previous delegation, it is suggested that the members of the new delegation will change. According to Zaman news, following the explanations made by Democratic Society Congress (DTK) President and independent MP from Mardin Turk after his presence in the first delegation, the members of the second delegation remained unknown for a long time. Members of Parliament who could be considered moderate such as Altan Tan, Sirri Sureyya Onder and Pervin Buldan were finally decided upon.

When the actual leak occurred following this delegation, the third mission became a serious question. Sources from the Prime Ministry estimate that only Sirri Sureyya Obder may remain out of the three members. Objections to the other two individuals can be summarized as follows: "Pervin Buldan and Altan Tan did not perform well on the test. Immediately afterwards Buldan failed the test by asserting that “those in captivity will be released mutually.” Altan Tan spoke on television channel after television channel during a stage during which very little should have been spoken. Although he claims not to have leaked the recordings, it is evident that played a role in this occurrence. As a result, they cannot visit again after such lack of confidence has developed."


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