Thousands in Turkey protest Rabaa massacre

Huge demonstrations in Turkey against Egyptian military crackdown.

Thousands in Turkey protest Rabaa massacre

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Tens of thousands gather in Eminonu Square in Istanbul to protest ongoing massacre against civilians in Egypt on Saturday. People carrying Turkish, Palestinian, Egyptian and Syrian flags shout against the military dictatorship in Egypt, which toppled the first elected President of Egypt, Mohammad Morsi.

An inflamed crowd carry posters saying ''Sisi Go Home'', ''We are with Morsi'', ''Martry Asma Your Path is ours'', ''Everywhere Egypt-Everywhere Resistace'' and put up ''Rabaa'' picture, the symbol of resistance in Egypt. Activists from Egypt shared with the crowd their horrific experience with the military forces since last month, the dispersal of protesters in Rabaa Square and the killings of innocent civilians.

Public anger in Turkey against the Junta has peaked following the unproportianal use of brutal force against peaceful demonstrations on Friday in various districts in Egypt, especially in Cairo and Alexandria. Dozens of people were killed and wounded in AlFath Mosque, besieged by the military forces to execute demonstrators.

The next address of mass gatherings is Sarachane Square, Fatih. The protesters will gather at Sehzadabasi Mosque to pray together at 4 am.

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