Turkey: CHP urges three-way coalition

The leader of the CHP has said three parties that entered parliament should form government

Turkey: CHP urges three-way coalition

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The leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP) has urged the formation of a three-party coalition government after Turkey’s June 7 general election, saying that the duty “falls on the 60 percent bloc” to form the government.

The Justice and Development (AK) Party won the election by taking 40 percent of the vote, but none of the four parties managed to get enough votes to form a single-party government.

Kilicdaroglu has laid down the CHP's principles, and called on other parties to do the same ahead of negotiations to form a coalition government.

His remarks came during a party caucus meeting on Monday as political parties in Turkey evaluate their coalition options in the aftermath of June 7 general election.

Four parties which passed the 10 percent electoral threshold -- the Justice and Development (AK) Party; the CHP; the Nationalist Movement Party; and the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party -- will be negotiating to find a coalition formula following the opening of the parliament with the members' oath-taking ceremony -- not expected before June 22.

Kilicdaroglu described the election result as a “40-60 percent balance”, saying: “The essential duty, the duty to form a government, is incumbent upon the 60 percent bloc."

He said if politicians wanted to form a government in keeping with the people's needs, then such a government must comply with the expectations of the 60 percent of voters.

"It is a clear call to all political party leaders. Please, let everyone state their principles. Let's come together with parties which share our principles. We should sit down and form a government properly," he said.

Kilicdaroglu also said: "We will not ignore any political party no matter what view it has."

The leader said, as CHP, they based their principles on rational, wise, prejudice-free and universal values. 

As a first principle, Kilicdarolgu said: "The rule of law should never be ignored." He also said the September 12 military coup constitution has to be "completely" changed.

The Sept. 12, 1980, military coup, led by Kenan Evren, was known as the bloodiest military intervention in Turkey's history, and claimed hundreds of lives.

Kilicdaroglu gave a green light to constitutional changes. A law on political ethics should be passed and the Discretionary Fund, which provides funds to the president for reasons of state, should be abolished, he added.

Kilicdaroglu said the judiciary and the media should be independent and impartial. He also emphasized the need for a "strong" social state. The leader said Turkey needs a new "peace-based" foreign policy.

Kilicdaroglu also said the presidency should be kept in constitutional limits. "The presidency is not a position that has the right to express opinions in all areas," he added. 

He criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said, before forming a coalition government, he wants to meet separately with the leaders of the four parties which entered parliament.

"It is unacceptable for him to emerge as a first actor in the process of coalition negotiations," Kilicdaroglu said.

"What will he discuss with us? Will he say 'Why are you not forming a coalition?'" he asked.

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