Turkey 'facing coup attempts'- Interior min

Efkan Ala says when there is an assault on democracy, the way of eliminating this is to foster more democracy

Turkey 'facing coup attempts'- Interior min

World Bulletin/News Desk

Turkey's Interior Minister Efkan Ala has said that the country faces coup attempts whenever it takes significant steps to resolve its major problems and to make significant economic progress.

On Thursday, the fourth day of their week-long meeting of the 6th annual Turkish Ambassadors' Conference in Ankara, Ala claimed that Turkey faces coup attempts "whenever it takes significant steps to resolve its major problems and to make significant economic progress".

"I do not have the heart to say this, but Turkey is encountering various coup attempts whenever it reachs significant economic achievements" Ala said.

Ala's statement came in a time when Turkey is still discussing the developments in the aftermath of an anti-graft investigation launched on December 17, which has been described by the government as "a campaign of smear and disinformation" targeting the Turkish government and economy.

The probe caused political turmoil when it led to the arrest of the sons of two ministers including former interior minister. A major cabinet reshuffle followed, partly to deal with the crisis and in part to replace several ministers nominated for mayor in local elections in March.

Ala also touched on Turkey's peace process, "the solution process", to resolve Turkey's long-standing conflict between the Turkish government and PKK.

"Turkey has taken significant steps to resolve the conflict by approaching the issue as a problem which should have been settled long time ago," Ala said.

Ala said it is clear that Turkey will increase its reputation worldwide and develop its democracy by resolving the conflict.

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