Turkey has power to struggle external threats

The country has the power to eliminate extremism and external threat at the same time, Turkish PM Yıldırm says

Turkey has power to struggle external threats

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Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said on Monday that his country has enough power to struggle extremism and external threats as it foiled a military coup attempt with support from all parts of the society.

Speaking to media after a cabinet meeting in Ankara Turkish PM said that the Friday evening's coup attempt was failed due to unanimous support from all sectors of the country, including political parties, media outlets, bureaucracy, police process and public.

He thanked the main opposition Republican People Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MPH), the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) for their unanimous support against the coup plotters.

“This is not a time for politics, this is an issue of whole nation,” Yıldırım said adding that Turkey could challenge any external threat if the people stand shoulder by shoulder without regarding their political view.

“All media institutions have shown a very patriotic stance, with no exceptions,” said and thanked media outlets for doing their duties to protect democracy.

Yıldırım said they continue legal process against the coup plotters and the people who were behind the plot.

“We have all documents that show the perpetrators of the plots. They were well organized,” the PM said.

Yıldırım added that the coup plotters had drawn the full structure of after-coup government and the authority found the list of the could be appointed officers in Turkish institutes if the coup was successful.

“Coup plotters had detailed plans on who would take minister posts, and head of martial law,” he said.

“We have documents showing who is responsible for coup attempts.”

Investigation still underway, detentions within security forces will continue, the Turkish primer added.

He figured out that 208 people including 60 police and three soldiers, were martyred by the pro-coup soldiers during the protest in Friday evening.

He vowed to punish the plotters in proper manner.

“While we are 'settling accounts' we will act within the law,” the PM said.

He also called on citizens to remain calms against any provocative activities.

“Our citizens should refrain from acts that could harm our army and soldiers,” he added.

“Our military is our pupillary, they are the main protector of our country. Please don't claimed all military officers from the doings of some extremists,” he urged.

“Turkey has the power to eliminate many threats at the same time,” Yıldırım pointed out.

He ensured that there would be no let-up in his government's determination to fight “extremist organizations” and “external threats”.

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