Turkey in 'biggest fight since independence': Erdogan

The country is now faced with 'asymmetrical' attacks, Turkish president says

Turkey in 'biggest fight since independence': Erdogan

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkey is engaged in its biggest fight since the War of Independence, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday.

In his address at the presidential complex in the capital Ankara, Erdogan expressed the country’s determination to fight against terrorism.

“As the world and our region are being reshaped in this critical period, we would have seen ourselves in the situation as the Treaty of Sevres [that was imposed on the Ottoman Empire following the end of the World War I] had we not acted now.

“Turkey is engaged in its biggest struggle since the War of Independence,” he added.

About the difference between the past and present fight, he said: “We are facing asymmetrical attacks now in contrast with the past’s fight. Terror organizations are just the pawns. The main struggle is with the forces behind them. These powers put pressure on our sensitive points wherever they see.”  

The president said Turkey was doing what it was expected to do.

“We couldn’t stand still against those who put our country under threat and we do what is expected to be done. On the other hand, we are maintaining diplomatic ties with Russia, the U.S., Iran and Iraq as well as the Gulf countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” he said.


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