Turkey issues travel warning for Sudan

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued travel warning for Sudan on Friday.

Turkey issues travel warning for Sudan

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A travel warning has been issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs against traveling to Sudan due to the possibility of attacks against Turkish citizens.

Turkey has warned its citizens in Sudan over the security concern while anti-government protests are continuing in several cities. The Turkish embassy in Sudan has indicated to planned mass protests in country. 

First of all, the ministry has warned its citizens on 24 September.

"Mass protests have been planned across Sudan, particularly in the capital city of Khartoum, in response to President Omar Al-Bashir’s announcement of new economic restrictions on 22 September, which have been implemented as of 23 September.'' has said in the statement. 

Sudan was braced Friday for a fifth day of demonstrations against fuel price hikes that have turned into anti-government protests, as security forces stood accused of having shot dead 50 people.

Activists have called for protesters to take to the streets after the weekly Muslim prayers, and security forces were deployed near official buildings, including some troops.

Soldiers also stood guard outside Khartoum petrol stations which opened for business, as long lines of cars waited to fill up.

Most shops were closed but residents were out seeking supplies

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