Turkey: main opp. party unveils manifesto for election

Republican People’s Party announces election manifesto and introduces candidates for Nov. 1 general elections

Turkey: main opp. party unveils manifesto for election

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Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu announced Wednesday his party’s election manifesto and introduced candidates for the upcoming Nov. 1 general election.

The opposition leader presented the election manifesto called “Turkey First,” a five-pronged strategy focusing on the economy, education, the judiciary, politics and society. 

Kilicdaroglu said there was no other political party except the CHP that revealed Turkey's problems. 

The leader claimed it is not possible to talk about democracy in a country where the constitution is not respected. “We will bring first class democracy to Turkey,” said Kilicdaroglu and called on everyone to vote for CHP, if they want democracy. 

The CHP plans to improve the country’s economy by raising the minimum wage, improving conditions for the poor, retirees and contract laborers, as well as supporting tradesmen and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Kilicdaroglu promised his party would cut taxes on the minimum wage so that workers would net 1,500 Turkish liras ($495) per month.

The leader also stated that retirees would receive two additional pension payments on the feasts of Ramadan (Eid el-Fitr) and Sacrifice (Eid el-Adha).

About education, Kilicdaroglu said: "Education means the future of a country. An uneducated society does not have the chance to embrace democracy and freedom."

The leader promised that he would remove Turkey's Higher Education Board, known as YOK, and universities would become independent, adding that university students would receive grants and graduates would be sent abroad to do their doctorates.

Compulsory education would last 13 years, including one year of preschool education. Compulsory education in Turkey currently lasts 12 years. 

For foreign policy, Kilicdaroglu said: "Foreign policy has to be turned around 180 degrees."

He said that foreign policy should be established according to the country's interests. The leader reiterated the motto: "Peace at home, peace abroad."

Regarding Turkey's issues for the Kurdish community, Kilicdaroglu stated that the CHP was the only party that could provide peace and said the center of  "social reconciliation" is the Grand National Assembly, Turkish parliament. 

The CHP promised to resolve Kurdish issues in a transparent and democratic way based on equal citizenship. 

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