Turkey: Nationalists open to post-election coalition

MHP leader ready to form coalition government with AK Party or CHP, but not with HDP

Turkey: Nationalists open to post-election coalition

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Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has said it is ready to form a post-election coalition with all parties except for the People’s Democratic Party “which is an extension of the PKK”.

MHP leader Devlet Bahceli was speaking as his party launched its election manifesto in Ankara on Saturday ahead of Turkey’s Nov. 1 polls.

He said that in a case where the Nov. 1 contest threw up a similar stalemate to that seen after the July 7 general election, the MHP is ready to work with the Justice and Development (AK) Party or Republican People’s Party (CHP).

However, despite being ready for coalition, Bahceli said their "aim is MHP’s single-party government”.

After June’s election, the MHP had said that its four principles for working a governing coalition included: the end of the PKK ‘solution process’; probing the 17 and 25 December 2013 corruption cases; the protection of the first four articles of Turkey’s constitution; and the withdrawal of the president to “legal limits”.

The MHP faced accusations in the wake of June 7 election that the party did not take responsibility by becoming part of a governing coalition in Turkey.

However, Bahceli accused AK Party Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu of “having no intention to form a [coalition] government” in the election’s aftermath.

“I’m saying it openly. Davutoglu did not come to us with a coalition proposal,” Bahceli stated.

The MHP's election manifesto – called You Know Best, Turkey – is a five-pronged strategy focusing on social and administrative reforms, the economy, the struggle with poverty, counter-terrorism, and anti-corruption. Its slogan in the upcoming election will be: “Vote for the future of the country.”

Bahceli vowed that his party would “scrap the roots of separatist terror,” referring to the PKK. The MHP has been against the so-called ‘solution process’ which aimed to end the decades-long conflict between Turkish state and PKK terror organization through peaceful means. 

The party has vowed to employ an average of 700,000 young people every year as well as to hire a total of 120,000 teachers in 2016.

It also vowed to pay 1,400 Turkish liras ($467) twice a year to retired people and cap the price of oil for farmers.

On foreign policy, Bahceli said the aim of the party is to ensure peace and stability in the region and to strengthen relations with neighbors. 

The MHP plans to improve the country’s economy by reducing the foreign dependency and increasing productivity. Bahceli promised his party would cut taxes on the minimum wage so that workers would net 1,400 Turkish liras per month.

The main opposition CHP and People’s Democratic Party (HDP) have already announced their election programs. The AK Party is scheduled to announce theirs on Sunday.

Turkey is heading for an early general election after no party succeeded in creating a ruling coalition after the June 7 poll.

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