Turkey seeks status for 'stateless' PKK members

According to a bill which will be brought to Turkish Parliament regarding the people at the Mahmur Camp, “stateless” persons will be given an identity document with a number until their status is updated.

Turkey seeks status for 'stateless' PKK members

World Bulletin / News Desk

As the withdrawal process during which members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PPK) will withdraw from Turkey is under way as part of the negotiation process, Ankara is also undertaking efforts regarding the relocation of people at the Mahmur Camp.

According to the roadmap prepared in coordination with the Kurdish Regional Government, in addition to the Turkish citizens, persons in the camp who are “stateless” due to their citizenship having been revoked or due their being born in the camp will also return.

Under the TURKIYE plan, a legal "return status" will be announced regarding the people remaining at Mahmur. The Kurdish Regional Government will then identify those wishing to return to Turkey and enable them to securely cross the border.

Those wishing to remain will be able to do so as the administration of the camp will be transferred to the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government.

Meanwhile "Foreigners and International Protection Act" bill accepted by the Affairs Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly last year will arrive at the General Assembly this week. The bill clarifies the legal status of stateless persons.

According to the bill, stateless persons, including those living in Camp Mahmur, will be issued a special identity card with an identification number.

Located in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Mahmur Camp was established in 1994 as border villages were evacuated. About 12 thousand people currently live in the camp, and its official status under the UN was given in 1998. It is estimated that more than 6 thousand of the inhabitants are children who were born there.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Mart 2013, 13:03