Turkey's DDK finds politician's death 'suspicious'

According to the DDK, a new investigation should be launched into new probable causes of the helicopter crash.

Turkey's DDK finds politician's death 'suspicious'

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A recent report prepared by the State Audit Institution (DDK) on a 2009 helicopter accident that killed six people, including Grand Unity Party (BBP) leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, has found the deaths “suspicious.”

The DDK initiated an extensive investigation into the accident in February of last year on President Abdullah Gül's orders.

The council's report said areas where the helicopter was most likely to have crashed were not searched by security forces, while efforts were mainly focused on an area suggested by an amateur search and rescue worker. The report also recalled that the victims' snow-covered bodies were eventually found by local villagers, 72 hours after the crash.

A helicopter carrying Yazıcıoğlu and five others crashed in Kahramanmaraş as they were returning from an election rally in March 2009. Thousands of rescue workers tried in vain to find them despite snowstorms and heavy fog, without knowing the exact location of the wreck in a mountainous area of more than 30 square kilometers.

Yazıcıoğlu, BBP Sivas Provincial Chairman Erhan Üstündağ, BBP Deputy Provincial Chairman Yüksel Yağcı, Sivas city council candidate Murat Çetinkaya and İhlas News Agency (İHA) reporter İsmail Güneş, along with pilot Kaya İstektepe, were traveling from Kahramanmaraş to Yozgat.

The fact that the victims were found so many hours after the crash and that Yazıcıoğlu was a prominent pro-democracy figure triggered claims that the crash was actually an assassination planned by an illegal organization.

The report also said search and rescue efforts aimed at ascertaining the cause of the crash and finding the bodies lagged behind international standards.

“Though all of the state's resources were mobilized during search and rescue efforts, the desired result was not reached. Even if the search were conducted under tough weather conditions, problems faced in its design, plus individual mistakes and failures, resulted in serious problems in discovering the site of the crash,” the report noted.

The report also said the discovery of large amounts of carbon monoxide in the pilot and passengers' blood has raised suspicious about the crash and deaths. According to the DDK, a new investigation should be launched into new probable causes of the helicopter crash.

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