Turkey's Erdogan: March 30 elections to be a lesson

Turkish Prime Minister addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters in Istanbul rally just six days before key local election

Turkey's Erdogan: March 30 elections to be a lesson

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The Turkish elite, who do not have confidence in the AK Party, and Pennsylvania-based scholar Fethullah Gulen who is cooperating against the AK Party with those elites, will learn an important lesson in the local elections on March 30, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday.

Addressing the people at a rally in Istanbul on Sunday, Erdogan said that "all other 80 provinces share Istanbul's feelings. The people are aware of all the tricks. The people see the dirty trap set for Turkey." 

Erdogan frequently criticizes the Gulen movement led by self-exiled, U.S.-based Turkish scholar Gulen, once an erstwhile supporter of the AK Party, for structuring a "parallel state", which is an alleged shadow structure, nestled within the country's police and judiciary trying to unseat Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The group is also blamed for the illegal wiretappings of the Turkish prime minister and other politicians.

Mentioning a temporary closure of Twitter this week after a court issued an order demanding the website remove tweets containing certain links, Erdogan said "Twitter conforms to the laws in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Russia, China and India along with many others. But when it comes to Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey and other countries, it starts defending its freedoms. Sorry, but we're not a third-world country."

Turkey's internet authority blocked access to Twitter late on Thursday after a court issued an order demanding the website remove tweets containing certain links. Stating that Twitter's management ignored calls from the Turkish government, the authorities described the move as a temporary measure not a ban.

"If Twitter, YouTube or Facebook act honestly, we can give any kind of support. But if they continue efforts to break up families, they have to face with Turkish Republic's government."

Criticizing Turkish media moguls for cooperating with the parallel state against the AK Party government, Erdogan said that the movement led by Gulen is also blackmailing them with their videotapes obtained through illegal wiretapping.

"How come can you defend them while Turkey's prime minister is being insulted with immoral accusations? Because they have their videotapes, they are blackmailing them. They have already sinked into a quagmire. They don't have confidence in their own state but in them," Erdogan said.

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Muhammed Öylek