Turkey's Erdogan: Terrorism requires global response

Turkish President Erdogan says global issues like terrorism, the civil war in Syria and refugee crisis, require a global response.

Turkey's Erdogan: Terrorism requires global response

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Friday's attacks in Paris had shown the world economy and security are interconnected, adding that global issues like terrorism, the civil war in Syria and refugee crisis "really require global responses". 

 "The latest terrorist attacks in Paris showed us once again that there is a strong link between economy and security and we cannot neglect this close connection," Erdogan said in his opening remarks at a world leaders' gathering on global economy as part of the G20 summit on Sunday in the southern Turkish resort city of Antalya.

"G20 is an appropriate forum address global issues" he added.

The Turkish president said that economy is the main area of interest of the G20 but that the international platform cannot avoid tackling political, social or cultural problems in the world. 

"All these developments show us that terrorism is a threat to peace and security for all of us. As Turkey we do believe that developing cooperation between nations to fight against terrorism is an issue that we should show much stronger determination."

Regarding the refugee crisis, Erdogan underlined that international society has "failed the test".

Erdogan said that under G20 presidency, Turkey took important decisions on many areas including improving infrastructure, energy, and increasing employment opportunities for women. 

"[G20]  is not an institution that we will remember as a platform in times of crisis only. There are other expectations of the world from us. With this understanding I would like to indicate that Turkey’s presidency is focused on inclusiveness, implementation and investment. In our culture and civilization, these are important concepts."

"The concept of justice is a crucial concept in our culture. I do believe that it corresponds with inclusiveness in the G20 work. We paid close attention to that. The second priority is implementation: we actually want to keep words and promises. Third is investment. In almost all developed and developing countries there is still need for infrastructure. Within this framework our members are taking into consideration the priorities for their own countries. They have concrete and detailed investment strategies that they have prepared," Erdogan said.

Turkey is hosting leaders of 20 major economies in Antalya for the 10th G20 summit, which is discussing the world's biggest political and security crises, including Syria and the mass migration of refugees. Anadolu Agency is the event’s main photography distributor.


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