Turkey's parl. speaker: Terror is 'crime against humanity'

Cicek says that terror is a threat directed against human rights and democratic values.

Turkey's parl. speaker: Terror is 'crime against humanity'
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Cemil Cicek, Turkey's parliament speaker, said Tuesday that “terror is, without hesitation, without putting any words before or after, a crime against humanity.”

Terror is “a threat directed against human rights and democratic values,” Cicek added.

After meeting with Jan Hamacek, chairman of the chamber of deputies of the Czech Republic, in Ankara, Cicek said all terrorism is evil, regardless of the identity or religion of those who commit terror acts.

Cicek also said that no one paid attention to the more than 2,000 people who were reportedly killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria, around the same time period of the Paris attacks.

“Are those who die in Europe humans and those who die in Africa are not?” he added.

Hamacek said that what is happening is not a clash of civilizations, but something that must shift civilizations toward unity.

He also said that the duty of politicians is not to compromise with radical forces. 

“The topic must be fighting terrorism and should never be about fighting Islam,” Hamacek added. 

Hamcacek also said that the Czech Republic supports Turkey’s integration into the EU, which would be useful in fighting radicalism.

France was hit by two separate terror attacks in and around Paris in recent days, which left 17 dead and raised fears of other attacks in European countries.

The attacks comes at a time when cultural tensions and xenophobia have been on the rise in neighboring Germany and other parts of Europe.


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