Turkey's PM calls court decision on headscarf unlawful

Turkey's prime minister called on Thursday ruling of top court on headscarf-wearing in an academic exam "unlawful".

Turkey's PM calls court decision on headscarf unlawful

Turkey's prime minister called on Thursday a ruling of top court on headscarf wearing in an academic exam "unlawful".

On constitutional studies, Erdogan said efforts to prepare a new constitution would be launched immediately after the general elections in June 2011.

Erdogan said the new constitution would be one prepared with constitution experts, NGOs, media, and academicians.

The prime minister referred to the recent decision of Turkey's top administrative court, Council of State, which prevented wearing of headscarf in examinations carried out by Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM), and defined the decision as one violating universal legal norms and questioning the confidence in judiciary.

Erdogan also said laws could not restrict education rights, and therefore defined the decision as unlawful.

"When there is not any regulation regarding clothing in the laws and Constitution, when there is not a single restriction, when the Article 125 of the Constitution is obvious, this decision--taken on contrary to laws and constitution, is unlawful, and this is in fact politicization of the judiciary," Erdogan said.

Erdogan also said the government would not intervene in the living style of anybody, and defined criticisms as baseless.

Moreover, the prime minister said Turkey was among the countries that had overcome the global crisis with success.

"However, we will not give up measures, and we will continue to monitor developments closely," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said the government would continue to grow Turkey without making concessions of financial discipline and monetary policies.

The premier said the government was determined to make some regulations regarding the Supreme Court, Council of State and Constitutional Court.

Erdogan said Turkey was growing in a rapid and stable way, and Turkey was gaining more prestige, influence and power in the world each passing day.

"Turkey is assuming a key role in solution of regional disputes and defending its theses regarding global matters bravely," he said.

Erdogan said Turkey needed to leave behind ideological approaches, and get prepared for the future, and wished that the business world would take a more active and constructive role in that process.


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