Turkish citizens' investments in UK up

Turkish President Abdullah Gul says investments of Turkish citizens mounted in the United Kingdom

Turkish citizens' investments in UK up

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul stated that investments of Turkish citizens mounted in the United Kingdom, defining it as a great pleasure for mutual contribution of the two countries.

Gul and his spouse Hayrunnisa Gul attended a reception hosted in his honor by Turkey's Ambassador in London Unal Cevikoz at Assembly Rooms.

Representatives of Turkish society living in Scotland and Edinburgh as well as Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism attended the reception too.

Gul made a speech at the reception, stating a visit to the UK was held to enhance mutual relations in all domains and added "Turkey and UK have a cooperation on governmental level as well as on civil level. We call it "Tatli Dil" Forum and two former foreign ministers preside it and the third of the forum is being held in Edinburgh this time. We are therefore here."

Pointing out that Scotland was a key piece of the UK and Edinburgh was the center of Scotland, Gul stated that Edinburgh was popular with its history and culture which affected those who visit for the first time.

Gul addressed the Turkish citizens living in the UK and wished success to them, adding "I am sure that Turkey will be best represented as long as you are here. The important issue is that you should live in unity here and represent Turkey, our culture and traditions. Scots are dependent on their culture and traditions, so are we."

In addition, Gul added Turkish Airlines (THY) held flights between Istanbul and Edinburgh on nearly all days of a week and would raise the number of flights to ten, as well.

Meanwhile, ambassador Cevikoz said an embassy would be opened in Edinburgh in the following year and THY plans to add a flight to Glasgow after the one in Edinburgh.

The ambassador also added that a council called "Turkuaz" which unites the Turkish people in London was launched and said the council would include the Turkish society in Scotland, as well.

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