Turkish Foreign Ministry crisis in Erbil after video

A video of Erbil Consul General and Middle East General Manager Tokdemir was sent to the Foreign Ministry with the note “drinking and talking against the government.” Davutoglu prevented its spread but the officials might resign.

Turkish Foreign Ministry crisis in Erbil after video

World Bulletin/News Desk

A video of a conversation between two promising Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomats at a dinner in Baghdad eight years ago has been sent to the Turkish Foreign Ministry with the note “drinking and talking against the government.”  

The Ministry received a veiled threat that the images would be leaked onto the internet. That was prevented after the involvement of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the Radikal daily reported on Tuesday. 

Ambassador Tokdemir requested his retirement. When his name was not present on the decree for ambassadorship, Consul General Selcen, whose appointment as ambassador had been expected, decided to resign.

In the midst of this crisis, relations with the Kurdish Regional Government and its capital in Erbil are crucial to Turkey for three main reasons.

The first reason is the role of Erbil in the process for the disarmament and the withdrawal of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members from Turkey.

The second is the participation of the administration of Masoud Barzani regarding the Kurdish population in Syria’s northwest.

Third is the strong relations formed between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan in the energy field, despite the negative reaction of the US.

The success of the relations has partly resulted from the influence of Consul General Selcen in his work. Some are expressing concerning that Selcen’s not being appointed as ambassador, and being summoned back to the center, will cause relations with Barzani to return “back to square one.”

The video file had not been stored on any computer and the one copy was located in Tokdemir's home. It remains unknown how the video was released and reached Davutoglu.

Tokdemir was first dismissed from the General Directorate of the Middle East before asking for his retirement. While waiting to become ambassador, Selcen received a document be began his mission at the center on July 15.” There is talk that he may resign. 

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