Turkish intelligence opens new peace process office in Erbil -report

According to news from both the government and from the HDP, the peace process has entered a new stage. With this in mind, MIT has opened a new office in Erbil.

Turkish intelligence opens new peace process office in Erbil -report

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With two weeks of quiet diplomacy, the government, Ocalan and the HDP have agreed to a fast and uninterrupted agreement. Public opinion in Ankara along with the negotiation process and the monitoring mission will move forward. The expectation of Ankara is that from the last week of January will be the beginninog of the Ankara-Erbil-Imrali process.

For the past two years, moving forward with Imrali and for the last 8 months discussing the crises of HDP and taking an important role in overcoming the crisis of MIT, there will be new talks discussing Kandil and Erbil. According to Yeni Safak news, from 1996 MIT has had an active office outside of the Iraq Kurdish Regional Government and a new office that will oversee negotiations and discussions with a special team. 

There are two different formulas for the acceleration of the talks in Ankara. Which direction they will enter, will be decided on Friday after a meeting between the MIT-Government Undersecretary of Public Safety and relevant ministries. After the decision to start negotiations, the first item on the agenda is creating and expanding the Ankara Imrali, HDP and Kandil into 3 delegations. This way the Undersecretariat of Public Safety will be included. The MIT delegation and Public Safety department will meet jointly with Ocalan. This committee then will be expanded accordingly. Parallel to this the HDP and Imrali delegation will also be expanded.

Following this, the “public order” delegation in Ankara will be expanded in January. During the new stage of this process, Ocalans' statement regarding the disarming of weapons will be put in place. Ankara, HDP and Imrali that had a silent negotiation process will be discussed and other urgent issues will also be expected to gain public acceptance. 


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