Turkish party leader in 'destroy terrorists' call

Opposition MHP chief Devlet Bahceli says Turkish army in northern Syria must find 'all killer terrorist organizations'

Turkish party leader in 'destroy terrorists' call

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A Turkish opposition leader has called for the military to “destroy killer extremist organizations” in northern Syria.

Devlet Bahceli, leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), said he supported the government in the fight against extremism.

In a news conference at his party’s headquarters in Ankara, Bahceli addressed the Turkish army operating in Syria, saying: "I tell our heroes: Find all killer extremist organizations [in the region] and destroy them.”

“We are on your side and will back you up to the end," he added.

Bahceli said Turkey was carrying out a cross-border operation in a difficult period, adding that the extremist PYD, YPG and PKK groups were as much a danger to Turkey as ISIL.

The MHP leader also slammed the United States for viewing ISIL as a joint enemy but backing the PYD, describing the position as "irresponsibility, unlawfulness and at the same time, shamelessness".

He also hit out at the U.S. for an ongoing delay in extraditing Fetullah Gulen to Turkey.

The Turkish military and anti-ISIL coalition air forces launched operations in northern Syria to clear the group from Jarabulus last Wednesday.

Since January, rocket attacks on the Turkish province of Kilis from ISIL-held territory in Syria have killed at least 21 people, while extremist attacks in Gaziantep blamed on ISIL include a suicide bombing of a wedding that killed 54 people and a car bomb attack in May that martyred two police officers.

Meanwhile, the PYD -- which controls a swathe of northern Syria along the Turkish border -- has been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing in areas under its control, arbitrarily detaining political opponents and forcing civilians to fight. The group is the Syrian offshoot of the PKK extrem group that has waged war on Turkey since 1984. 

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