Turkish people support solution process, minister says

Turkish minister Ergin says majority of Turkish people back “solution process,” current talks between the government and the PKK.

Turkish people support solution process, minister says

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Following release of four Turkish soldiers abducted by unknown attackers, Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin said most people support “solution process,” current talks between the government and the PKK to end thirty years of "terrorism" that killed over 40,000 people.

Ergin told press members that due to solution process, no one was killed during the last year, adding, “No shop is forced to shut its door due to threats and people continue their daily life. A will to live together is stronger. This is what people need.”

Noting that there are some circles who are against this process, he stated most people back the solution process. “We knew that this process would become target of sabotages. However, we aim to end this process with success,” he said.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said the process will continue anyway.

The kidnapped soldiers - two sergeants and two non-commissioned officers - were on their way back to neighboring Bingol when their vehicles were halted by an unknown group of men who checked the soldiers' identities.

The attackers burnt down the vehicles and carried the soldiers off. The Diyarbakir gendarmerie began a search operation backed by air forces.

On Friday, the border town of Yuksekova saw illegal protests that turned deadly when clashes broke out between PKK supporters and security forces. Two from the group died as they threw petrol bombs and stones while the police fired gas bombs, water cannon and rubber bullets.

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