Turkish pilots abducted in Lebanon alive and well

'Turkey wants to see terror and violence end in Egypt' said Turkish deputy PM, after Monday's cabinet meeting that Egypt and Syria were high on the agenda

Turkish  pilots abducted in Lebanon alive and well

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesperson Bulent Arinc said Monday all the thing that Turkey wants to see in Egypt was the end of terror, violence, and political detentions, as well as the release of all those arrested and an environment in which all could participate in the elections.

Egypt and Syria were high on the agenda at Monday's cabinet meeting, Arinc told journalists following the 6-hour meeting.

Egypt was discussed in detail in the light of information that Turkey's Ambassador to Egypt Huseyin Avni Botsali gave as he briefed Turkish cabinet on the recent developments in the country.

As for Syria, Turkey's Ambassador to Damascus Omer Orhon supplied the cabinet with the needed information, Arinc said.

"Turkish foreign policy on both Egypt and Syria is quite consistent, principled, and courteous," said Arinc, adding it would go on in the same direction.

Turkish journalists detained in Egypt

Arinc said Turkish correspondent Metin Turan, who was under custody in Egypt may be released late on Monday. Turan, from Turkish state broadcaster TRT, was kept in Tora Prison in southern Cairo and later was reported to be in good condition. He also reminded that Heba Zakariya, Anadolu Agency journalist, was released after eight hours of detention in Tora Prison.

Turkish  pilots abducted in Lebanon

Referring to the Turkish pilots abducted in Lebanon's Beirut city around 10 days ago, Arinc said, "We have been in contact with Lebanese authorities. Two pilots are alive and are in good condition. We hope they will be back in Turkey soon."

Gunmen abducted a Turkish pilot Murat Akpinar and his assistant Murat Agca in Lebanon's Beirut city on August 9. Contact with the authorities have been under way since then.

Turkish ambassador to Egypt

When asked about Turkey's Ambassador to Egypt Huseyin Avni Botsali, Arinc said, "It is out of the question that he will be sent back to his office in Egypt soon, we will discuss about it later again taking the developments into account." Botsali was summoned Thursday to arrive in capital Ankara in order to hold a consultation concerning recent developments in Egypt. The move was followed by Egyptian Ambassador to Turkey who left the country Friday afternoon after he was summoned Thursday for consultations.

Complaints about Secretary General of OIC Ihsanoglu

Concerning the complaints that Secretary General of The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu did not react to the developments in Egypt in an expected way, Arinc said Turkish government expected him to have a more active role in Egypt case by delivering more remarkable speeches and getting more involved in the process with more work.

Turkish companies in Egypt

Arinc pointed out that there were major Turkish companies in Egypt which employed more than 50 thousand Egyptians and said some of those companies were closed down while some others suspended their work.

"That may badly affect the Egyptian economy," said Arinc, "We are talking about billion dollars-investment capacity, which will inevitably affect the peace and tranquility in the country as well as the law system."

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