Turkish PM addresses the nation

Erdogan emphasized on Turkey's obligation to pay attention to both the developments in Gaza and Syria

Turkish PM addresses the nation

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said, "as Palestine is burning, as Palestine is bleeding, as the guns are continuing to fire on Palestine, no country is and can be in peace."

In his address to the nation on Friday, Erdogan said, "we, as Turkey, have always struggled to solve the Palestinian issue amicably for the peace and stability of Turkey and the region. We emphasized dialogue and negotiation at every opportunity to overcome this problem, solve it amicably and to bring peace to the region. Turkey does not stand beside or against any government. Turkey is not an enemy to any country, either. Turkey is only in favor of peace, solidarity and friendship."

Emphasizing on Turkey's obligation to pay attention to both the developments in Gaza and Syria, Erdogan said, "we, as Turkey are a big state, a nation with big targets. In order to reach these targets, we have to act like a big state. A state, standing idly by its neighbors, region and the world cannot claim to be a big state. If a state ignores innocent people being murdered right beside itself, this state cannot have big ideals and big targets."

Also stating that there is ten years left for the 2013 target, he said, "we will continue our trust and solidarity in the strongest way as a nation. We will not allow a confidence crisis between the state and the nation and will work together to the future with common goals."

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