Turkish PM addresses the public

The Turkish Prime Minister is addressing the public, praising its citizens for their bravery and condemning the forces behind the coup

Turkish PM addresses the public

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The Turkish Prime Minister has congratulated the Turkish public for standing up to the military coup and has extended his condolences to the families of the deceased.

Here is the transcript from a live translation:

"I have congratulated the Turkish police force who fought the coup and has said that this attempt has not taken place through the hierarchy of the armed forces but the source is the formation of a faction supporting parallel state. It is a treacherous attempt on our dear commanders and officers, I congratulate the officers for standing strong. I also congratulate the non government citizens and political party supporters who have fought heroically and risked their lives, our special forces, national security forces and congratulate them for all their heroic acts. This incidence make something clear. The Turkish nation has experience in democracy and shows how important the independen will of the Turkish people is. The people who climbed the tanks, and the martyrs who gave up their lives for this cause. In such difficult times, we have been contracted by many countries and have been shown support of solidarity. Those resopnsible are now in the hands of Turkish justice and will be punished in everyway that they deserve. Our nation during this incident have shown the attitude, the way they have stood firmly has prevented the will of people and the national sovereignty from crumbling. No one will be able to make a mess of the peoples will. They will never be able to overcome the will and the power of our people. The fact that people have returned their normal lives os quickly as possible.

Government planes, helicopters that were used to shoot the citizens of this country and these people are the worst and the most treacherous, suprassing the PKK terrorist. This country will never forget this incident. Those citizens who came to tackle those and risk their lives, we are grateful to them and our thoughts are with the martyrs. We are now in control. There are 165 martyrs, and 1440 wounded and including 2839 military officers, including high ranking officers have been detained. This is something that has never been seen before, and I am grateful for my guards and the members of press, those writing reports or broadcasting and have shown love for their motherland. From the start they have not faltered and have sided with the state and the people and managed to pass information in the best way possible so that people could find out the events int he most accurate way. The non governmental organisations, irrespective of their affiliation, also raised the Turkish flag on top of the tanks shows the unity. Thank you for showing your strength. 

We will combat these groups and me maintain our firm and decisive attitude. We hope that people fill the streets and we also thank the heads of political parties who showed unity. We can see that the Chief of Staff of the Turkish forces is back. There is nothing to be concerned regarding our officers and the situation is under control

Q: Do you expect capital punishment to return? How many people died amongst those who made the attempt?

Arrests are still being made, and those arrested will be tried for treason in the way it is defined in our constitution. Capital punishment is not in our constituion however our General Assembly will discuss the measures that will prevent Turkey from experiencing this madness again. According to initial information, 20 of the initial coup soldiers have been killed however these are not clearcut figures and are not binding. 

Fethullah Gulen is the head of a terrorist organisation and there has been a national security council on that matter. Steps have been taken to have him extradited. After this experience, I cannot think of any country that will support him and any country that does support him cannot be a friend of Turkey and has declared war on Turkey.

Q: The General Secretary of Presidency has been held captive. Have you been in contact?

The General Secrtary is now on his way home. This is a very im portant large scale incident and the main difference that this time, the citizens took to the streets and stood against the tanks.

Q: Do we have names for those who were behind the coup?

Yes we have some names and this coup is the result of a combined effort. Our security forces have worked in a cooridinated way with our procecutors and eveyrhting that can be done judicially will be done and so I thank our proscieturs and chief prosecutors for their effort. I would like to repeat that oru President, said we may die but we will not give up. He said if there is a price to pay we will do it to safegaurd our nation.

According to current information, this is what I have made my comments on.

Q: Will there be a change to the date of the military council in August?

Those who took part in the queue, had no ranks, if you were in treason it was regardless

Q: You are inviting our citizens to the streets. But as a member of the press, I was almost lynched? Are you going to ask people to come down, especially those who are pulich officer?

The terrorists gangs want to divide and harm the unity of our citizens and anyone who has made any attempt for that will have a price to pay. Members of press are to tell our nation what is happening and during the heat of the moment certain things may have taken place and we apologize but at that time it is ndifficut to control the psychology of peopel. REgardless, young old, man or woman we must be together and be one Turkey together. Today is the day to unite.

Q: Have you received intelligence on the matter?

yes eveyrthing is being assessed.


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