Turkish PM Erdogan's remarks on Israel

The footage of the panel held two years ago, in which the military coup in Egypt was clearly expressed, was broadcasted

Turkish PM Erdogan's remarks on Israel

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The panel which was brought into agenda following the remarks of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said during his Justice and Development Party's meeting on Tuesday  "what they say? Democracy is not ballot boxes. Who is behind this? Israil is".

The dialogue between Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and French writer Bernard Henry Levy in the panel is as follows:

Q: My question is to Mr. Levy, how do we choose between moral and real politic? Let's say we are in September, we have election in Egypt, let's presume, Muslim Brotherhood win the majority in the parliament. What would be your position? Will you accept the idea that military regime in Egypt has to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood of taking the power in Egypt like it happened in Algeria or we have to play the democratic game and let the Muslim Brotherhood win Egypt like Hamas did in Gaza?

Levy: l had to stand in Algeria in 1992 as favorable to the interruption of the process and the power seemed to be opposite to the democracy. I had the same feeling in Gaza. For me it was a coup, democratic coup but a coup. If Muslim Brotherhood arrives in Egypt, l will not say democracy wants it. Democracy again is not only election, it is values. But, my belief now if you want to make a bet, l think l am not expert on Egypt, as all of you, l try to look at what happens. My bet is that new atmosphere prevailing in Egypt will not be such a good win for Muslim Brotherhood. I dont buy the theory has expressed here and there Muslim Brothers are the only organized force. There is military. I may be wrong on that it is my prediction I believe they will dilute themselves.

Q: Just to understand, If they were to win legitimate election, you would urge the military not allow them to take power?

Levy: l will urge the prevention of them coming to power but all by support means.

Israeli Minister Livni: "According to universal code".

Levy: l said that in Algeria. l do not regret it. It opened terrible period of disturbance, chaos, murder so on. But, they believed that it would have been worse if we let them coming in power.

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