Turkish PM: God and people side with us

Erdogan has denied recent criticisms that Turkey is getting lonely in the world over its recent foreign policies, saying both God and people stand by his country.

Turkish PM: God and people side with us

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday that 'the United Nations were not the assurers of peace anymore'. He continued stating ' they could not start an an investigation to determine if chemicals weapons were used in Syria' referring to the recent masacare that had taken place.

Speaking in a collective opening ceremony in his hometown of Rize, Erdogan stated that Syrian President Bashar Assad was making a last-ditch effort "because God will call him to account for all the children he has killed"

"We do not have any wish other than peace, solidarity and brotherhood. All we want is for children like Esmaa and others not todie," Erdogan noted, referring to Mohamed al-Beltagi's daughter Esmaa al-Beltagy, who was killed on Wednesday by snipers at the sit-in at Rabaa al-Adawiya.

"We can't leave Esmaas alone in Egypt, we can't leave the babies alone, killed via chemical weapons in Syria," he added.

Erdogan rejected claims Turkey was becoming isolated in the region by stressing that Turkey was never alone. He underlinedthe fact that first God, then people were by their side.

“Someone is claiming that Turkey has gotten lonely. No we have not. If they [oppressors] have tanks and weapons which theyare attacking to attack children, know that we God and then the people with us,”

Critics at home have been recently criticizing Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government over its ‘faulty' foreign policies regarding the Middle East.

Erdogan's chief adviser İbrahim Kalin has recently named Turkey's new foreign policy “precious loneliness.” Kalin, in a recent Twitter message said: “It is not true that Turkey is alone in its foreign policy. If this is a criticism, it needs to be said it is precious loneliness."

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