Turkish PM lambasts media over Gezi video coverage

Erdogan slams Turkish media for coverage of video suggesting that mother and baby were not assaulted during Gezi protests.

Turkish PM lambasts media over Gezi video coverage
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lambasted the Turkish media Saturday about the way they have covered new video of the alleged assault by a mob of a young woman and her baby during last year's Gezi protests.

New video has emerged suggesting that Zehra Develioglu may not have been injured, as she had claimed. But the prime minister said the protesters, during the nationwide demonstrations against his government, were violent -- and to question the assault on the woman and her 6-month-old baby was to deny that reality.

"They burned and destroyed. They assaulted people," Erdogan said. "They assaulted women wearing headscarves. They disrespected our mosques. Now they are playing games on a young woman who was assaulted with her child. The ones who kept quiet since that day are attempting to deny it."

Develioglu said on Friday that she has a forensics report documenting her injuries.

"Those who don't want to believe me will not believe me anyway," she said Friday. "Even if the incident was recorded by a holy camera from above."

Her lawyer, too, says the new footage is blurry and proves nothing.

During an inauguration ceremony for a new subway line in Istanbul, Erdogan tore into the media in harsh terms.

"I especially want to remind you that the headlines you throw out today, you are going to be drowned on these." he said. "Because the headlines you throw around are not right. Where are you going to hide the forensics report? I’m talking about the forensics report. Aside from the footage, what are you going to the with the report that documents the injuries to the woman and her child?"

He said that the protesters lives are "built on lies," and that they were plotting against Develioglu and her child.

"History will not forgive you," Erdogan said. Nor, he said, would history forgive the news organizations that support such lies."

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