Turkish PM sees final approval of reforms in nation, 2nd round starts

Turkish Parliament began Sunday second round of debates on changes to constitution.

Turkish PM sees final approval of reforms in nation, 2nd round starts

Turkish Parliament began Sunday second round of debates on changes to constitution.

Second round secret voting of reforms is expected to be completed on Thursday. A total of 31 secret votes will be held in the second round.

In regard to debates on constitutional amendment bill, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday thanked parliamentarians for their hard working over the bill day and night.

Erdogan, the chairman of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, addressed his party's group meeting, Anadolu news agency said.

Erdogan called for solidarity against opposition challenges.

"We face a difficult marathon this week due to the second round of discussions on constitutional changes. We in the AK Party will continue the process in the second round...with the same solidarity, sacrifice, seriousness and courtesy," he said.

Erdogan said, "we will continue the process during the second round of voting on the bill. After the parliament, the nation will have the final say."

Erdogan has already said he will call a referendum if opposition parties fail to back the reforms.

"Reform Process"

The bill will be voted article by article, and as a whole in the second round. The articles and entirety of the bill needs to receive over 367 of the votes in order to be adopted. If it receives somewhere between 330 and 367 it will be put to referendum. If any of the articles receive less then 330 it will automatically rejected. If during the voting of the package as a whole it receives less then 330 it will be rejected.

Parliament concluded the first round voting of the government-backed constitutional amendment package on April 28. All 27 articles of the package received somewhere between 331 and 340 votes in the first round, which lasted 9 days with the debate and voting of the package article by article.

The government-backed amendment package, among other things, aims to change the formation of the Supreme Board of Judges (HSYK) and Prosecutors, and the Constitutional Court, and tie opening of closure cases against political parties to the permission of a parliamentary committee.

Both the main opposition CHP and second opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) declared they would not support the bill.

Leader of Turkey's main opposition, Republican People's Party (CHP), said earlier that his party would appeal to the Constitutional Court for annulment of the government-backed constitutional amendment package, should it be adopted in parliament and approved by the President.

"Historic day"

Meanwhile, Turkish authorities said on Sunday that 1 lieutenant died in clashes between security forces and PKK militants in Lice district of the eastern province Diyarbakır.

Erdogan said on Sunday that "the latest terrorist attacks would strengthen the government's determination to fight terrorism."

Premier Erdogan offered his condolences to relatives of soldiers who were martyred in an attack on Sariyayla outpost in Nazimiye town of eastern province of Tunceli.

In regard to celebrations of May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day, Erdogan said, "we celebrated May Day with joy. Taksim Square hosted 100,000 people on Saturday. It was a historic day. We are glad to pave the way for it after 32 years."

After 32 years of ban, 100,000 Turkish workers gathered on Saturday for May Day celebrations at symbolic Taksim Square where unknown gunmen massacred dozens of people in 1977 demonstration, the state-run Anatolia agency said.

Erdogan said they watched a very promising view yesterday on behalf of labor movement, workers, Turkey and democracy, and those who were killed in bloody May Day in 1977 were commemorated with respect.

2010's Labor Day celebrations in Taksim Square would always be remembered, he stated.


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