Turkish, Tunisian presidents meet

"We have actually welcomed the international community to support the opposition in Syria" said Turkish President Gul.

Turkish, Tunisian presidents meet

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Turkey had actually welcomed the international community to support the opposition side in Syria on Tuesday.

Following a joint press conference with his Tunisian counterpart Munsif Merzuki, Gul answered the questions.

Gul said "Turkey hopes that it will be understood that any nation cannot be burked with armed or military forces in this period. Hence, we have actually welcomed the international community to support the opposition in Syria."

Hezbollah's and Iran's Syrian policy

Answering the question of the concerns about the spread of this war to the Middle East as a sectarian war, Gul said:

"I always take all the attention to the point of the whole Islamic world, the region has great potential. This potential should not be dissolved in itself and should not be consumed with the self-conflicts. This situation is related to Syria. It is necessary to have stopped the war and the suffering as soon as possible. Today, Syrian civil war has turned to be proxy and sectarian war. These are great dangers we have encountered. These incidents shouldn't have happened. We shouldn't give the opportunity and all the leaders and everyone have great responsibilities. Undoubtedly, the greatest responsibility belongs to the rulers of Syria."


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Mayıs 2013, 17:21