US ambassador to Turkey: we are against a bloc

The US Ambassador to Turkey John Bass has said that the PYD cannot have any role in operations against ISIL

US ambassador to Turkey: we are against a bloc

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The US Ambassador to Ankara, John Bass has said that the US does not support the creation of autonomous regions in Syria, saying that "The US believes that no matter what type of Syrian political process ensues, a united Syria is what is necessary for Syria".

"It is necessary not just for a safe Syria but to ensure the long term sustainability all necessary military resources including ground forces will be used to ensure the safety of Syria. I would like to stress that on the southern border, we believe it is necessary that the PYD or the YPG must be inclusive".

Speaking with Serpil Cevikcan from the Milliyet newspaper the ambassasor said that both the US and Turkey had a common perspective regarding the PYD. He said that "We believe that the the operation that was conducted between Kilis and Jarablus to repel ISIL, and that operations that are designed to control the areas between the PYD and the YPG are not the same".

He said, "the world and this particular region is experiencing a difficult period. We are facing ongoing challenges relating to the military intervention in the fight against  Russia in Syria. The creation of ISIL branches in other countries as well as the amount of energy and effort on organising attacks is something that we are paying attention to.  The reignition of conflict with the PKK with the PKK and the violence that is a consequence of it is also something that we have noticed. At the same time, the election results of last month have polarized Turkey and has been the source of increased tension, and we can see that there are continuing concerns regarding freedom of press and the freedom of speech. It is a disturbing view  and in the past six months there has progress however are not noticable on a daily basis."

Stronger economic, business ties

The reality is that ISIL has far less money to fund terrorrist activity, and controls far less land than it did six months ago. On the other hand, it is in a difficult position and cannot regains its power and keep the terror activities at the same level. Here, in Turkey, desite the difficulties caused by the conflict internally or around the country, I believe that there will signficant future developments in the following months and years to come.  Despite the difficulties and challenges, the Turkish economy has shown significant growth and with that growth, the US, Turkey and other nations are working together to solve the challenges. We are determined along with Turkey, our ally and strategic partner, as well as the coalition and the NATO alliance members to work closely together. In addition, we plan to increase economic development and build a stronger business and investment with Turkey.

Working with Turkish government and alliance partners

What I would like to state is that, the Turkish government still has a lot to with ISIL on the border. We know from our experience with groups on the Mexican border that there are groups who for their own material benefit or a specific goal or are well-organised, need more work. However this particular situation, along with different organizations, and if we are talking specifically about this issue (ISIL), then the Turkish government needs to show more effort.

The physical barriers on the border, those who can slip in and out of the country should be looked at closely, and in addition, the smuggler groups and how ISIL smuggles people in and out of the country should be monitored closely. It is precisely this point that we are working closely with our alliance partners, we must do more, and do more to support Turkey's efforts on this important issue.



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