US F-16's, personnel arrive at Turkey's Incirlik air base

US has delivered eight military aircraft including 6 F-16 fighter jets at the Incirlik air base to launch the joint Turkish battle against ISIL

US F-16's, personnel arrive at Turkey's Incirlik air base

World Bulletin / News Desk

 A total of 8 U.S. military airplanes and around 300 ground personnel arrived on Sunday at the İncirlik airbase in Turkey for the war against ISIL according to local news reports.

Dogan News agency reports that the aircraft, six of which are F-16 fighter jets, took off from Italy's Aviano airbase and landed at Turkey's İncirlik airbase in the southern province of Adana around 2:30 p.m. local time.

The close proximity of the base means that they can attack ISIL targets within 30 minutes.

Official sources also told Anadolu Agency that the contingent included a C-5 transport plane plus a KC-135 refueling aircraft.

Incirlik has been opened to U.S. forces, in agreement with the Turkish government, for expanded operations against ISIL targets.

Last month, Turkey agreed to allow U.S.-led coalition forces to launch airstrikes against ISIL positions from Incirlik, which is located close to Turkey’s border with war-torn Syria.

More U.S. warplanes are expected to arrive at the Turkish airbase next week.

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