Beirut garnished for Ramadan

Ramadan traditions in Lebanon.

Beirut garnished for Ramadan


Beirut, the Mediterranen city which represents the Middle East with its all ethnic and religious cosmopolitanism, experiences joy and excitement of Ramadan intensely.

As special lightings are decorated in almost every mosque of the Lebanese capital, bakeries are busy with cooking traditional Ramadan sweets.

These preparations are not seen only in Beirut but also in the rest of the country.

The decorations represent the Muslims' welcoming Ramadan. Some of them are juxtaposed with religious statements telling the virtue of fasting.

The dynamism in the streets have reflections on the city's economy. One bakery who said he is satisfied with the sales noted "The spirit of Ramadan can be recognized everywhere in the country. In this province, people are very keen on getting on with the traditions. This also positively affects our sales. We are known to produce the best-quality sweets and we did not neglect diabetic patient and have special products for them."

The lines massing up in front of the bakery indicates the increasing interest for this Ramadan tradition.

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