Ramadan prayers strengthens solidarity in Malaysia

Ramadan customs in Malaysia.

Ramadan prayers strengthens solidarity in Malaysia


Ramadan began on Sunday in Malaysia. Since it was a weekend, some Malay Muslims used this chance to be with family members in the first fast-breaking dinner whereas some others chose to go to mosques where, following fast breaking, they went ahead with the tarawih prayer.

Mosques change their social role during Ramadan from just a place of worship to a platform where social interactions are facilitated. That is crucial for a country like Malaysia, which has various ethnic groups living together.

Tents were prepared for fast breaking dinners in the yards of mosques. Along with traditional foods, persimmon has a central place at the table like many other Muslim countries. Malays are nearly addicted to fruit juices especially water melon, coconut and sugar cane. During Ramadan it is very common to find fruit juice sellers in almost every corner.

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