Russian Muslims welcome Ramadan with a great joy

Muslims in Moscow fast for 19 hours and pray the Tarawih prayer at 24:00.

Russian Muslims welcome Ramadan with a great joy

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Russians Muslims welcomed holy Ramadan with great enthusiasm. Around 20 million of Muslims around Russia including the capital city of Moscow flocked to the mosques to perform the first Tarawih prayer of this Ramadan.

Moscow is also home to two million Muslims who welcomed Ramadan with great joy. The tent mosque near the Moscow Central Mosque is also serving Muslims in performing their prayers.

19 hours of fasting and Tarawih prayer at 24:00

Ildar Alyaudtdinov, imam of the Moscow Central Mosque, said that Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims and people who had been awaiting Ramadan with great passion.

The Tarawih prayer is being performed at midnight. After performing Tarawih, people reach their homes at 02:00 o’ clock.

Despite all, people were filling the mosque. “We are encouraging people to perform pray and read Quran. Fast begin time is 03.12,” noted Alyaudtdinov.

Turkish Department of Religious Affairs sends 3 imams to Moscow

Meanwhile, the Turkish Department of Religious Affairs sent 3 imams to Russia. Alyaudtdinov said one of the imams would serve in the Moscow Central Mosque and lead the Tarawih Paryer.

On the other hand, two of the imams were sent to Saratov city of Russia.

Hayrettin Abdullah, a Muslim said he had been waiting the Ramadan impatience. We are here performs our prayers with central Asians. I always want to be here. Our mosque has an attraction. “Ramadan fast is a gift from Allah,” noted Abdullah.

Sahroz Muratjanov, a Muslim worker in Moscow said he came to mosque to get abundance from his prayers and fast. “I came here to get to gather my brothers. I came to here to salvation all my sins,” noted Muratjanov.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin has sent a message of greetings to Russia's Muslim community in connection with the start of Ramadan.

"This period of fasting, which is sacred for the entire Umma, is a tradition that has its roots in the distant past and is a reminder of the need to be merciful and tolerant, to do more good works, and to care for people," Putin said in his message, the text of which is posted on the website of his office.

"We are justifiably proud of the outstanding Muslims who have made an invaluable contribution to the strengthening of Russia and to the defense of its independence and sovereignty, and have done a great deal for peace and harmony in our multiethnic society."

"I am sure that Russian Muslims will continue to take part in the development of our common native country and help build a powerful, prosperous and modern nation," the president said.

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