Traffic stops in Sri Lankan for elephants

Traffic stops in Sri Lankan capital Colombo for refreshing of National Park elephants in near-by river.

Traffic stops in Sri Lankan for elephants

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In the island country in the northern Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka elephants play an important role in the society. 

Elephants hold aesthetic, cultural and economic importance in Sri Lanka and are used for carrying timbers and have a special significance and role in religious events. In several national parks like Udawalawe National Park, Yala National Park or Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka tourists from all over the world can see the elephants in their natural habitat.

In the small village of Pinnawala in the capital Colombo visitors of the Elephant National Park can watch every day at the same time how the elephants are brought to the river for refreshing, because of the hot and damped air.

For this little break the traffic stands still for about half an hour, so that the elephants can cross the road and taken by the guards to the Mahaweli river. 

The top selling items in the souvenir shops are the Elephant dung papers. The price for this souvenir gifts were about 1-5 dollars and used often for notebooks, calendar and photos. 


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arun tampoe
arun tampoe - 8 yıl Önce

the battle between man and animal seem to be going against the animals of this country ....the four legged ones I mean !. no elctrified fence can prevent the animal who has been using routes that it has chosen and used for decades to get to its feeding ground or tothe water it needs.... the latest device being used to decimate the innocent animals is a horrible weapon.... whay NO arrests ?