1,000 Turks want to go to Mars

More than 200,000 people around the world applied to be able to go to Mars and 1,000 of them are from Turkey, says co-founder of Mars-One project.

1,000 Turks want to go to Mars

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More than 200,000 people around the world applied our website in order to go to Mars and 1,000 of them are from Turkey, Bas Lansdrop, co-founder of Mars-One project, said during Webit Congress in Istanbul.

Delivering a speech on sending people to the Red Planet, Lansdrop said that there are four important steps to send people to Mars: Get off the earth, fly to Mars and land and keep your crews alive. However he warned people that there is no return from the planet. "When you go Mars, you have to stay there."

Despite of this critical condition, Lansdrop says that more than 200,000 people have applied to go to Mars and 1,000 of them are from Turkey. He tried to convince the audience that it is possible to fly to Mars since they have already the necessary technologies including rockets and live supporting systems.

Bas Lansdrop presented time frame to send people to Mars. He stated that first group will leave the Earth on 2022 and reach the Red Planet on 2023. Before that, Mars-One will send necessary equipment for people to survive. After then, second group will land Mars in 2024. Bas Lansdrop called the project "one of most ambitious projects" and invited people to donate so that the project would be successful. "We will be multi planetary species," he said.

Meanwhile, Product Marketing Director of Yandex Andrey Sebrant stated during the same session that there was no virtual world anymore regarding the usage of internet.

Speaking in Technologies, Disruptors and Innovators part of the Webit conference on its second day, Sebrant said internet was not the 'web' anymore, adding that internet marketing also did not exist for it was based on mythical things in the virtual world.

“Stop thinking on page views and search traffic. Think about how to integrate to these […]  Think in terms of loyalty. Think about applications and not just websites. Think of real time because world is getting faster. Think of personalization,” Sebrant noted to attract the attention to the potential to adapt into the latest applications, offered for internet usage.  

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