Turk Telekom for competition in fiber optic market

Turk Telekom supports increase of competition for higher Internet penetration in Turkey

Turk Telekom for competition in fiber optic market

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Turk Telekom fully supports the increase of market competition for a higher Internet penetration in Turkey, according to the CEO of the Turkish telecom giant.

"As the backbone of communication and information technologies within Turkey, we have a certain responsibility towards the citizens of this country and Turkey itself," Paul Doany told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

Doany said fiber optic cable networks provide significantly more stable and secure Internet connection with an infrastructure that is unaffected from external conditions and said: "We have provided all Turkish cities with fiber infrastructure."

Underlining the importance of diversification in network infrastructures to secure for sustainable access to the Internet, Doany said: "As the leading communication and information technologies company, we have laid over 262,000 kilometers of fiber infrastructure across the country in the last decade, which corresponds to almost 80 percent of total fiber network of Turkey, reaching 16.8 million fiber homepass."

"Thanks to the most recent Fixed Electronic Communication Infrastructure Leasing Protocol that has been signed, Turk Telekom will offer the existing fiber infrastructure with other operators in more favorable conditions.

"In circumstances where there is not sufficient infrastructure, the operator who wants further infrastructure will contribute to the investment amount of the extra requested part and we, Turk Telekom, will take over the construction."

Doany stressed that all operators in Turkey -- including Turk Telekom -- will use the current fiber infrastructure efficiently and he also guaranteed that Turk Telekom will continue carrying out new infrastructure investments and contributing to the country.

"As a result, a decrease in operators’ capital expenditures, as well as a decrease in the cost of data and voice for consumers, will be ensured," he said.

On the facility-based competition side, Doany said: "Operators who wish to build their own network, they can do so, in fact, we offer our ducts for their use, which would allow operators save significant time in building their own network."

"Secondly, operators who wish to spend the minimum amount of capital expenditure, could also use existing infrastructure and focus on offering a different variety of products and services to their subscribers," said Doany, noting that this -- on the other hand -- will increase service-based competition in the market.

"The European Union aims to provide 30 Mbps or more for all citizens and 100 Mbps or more for 50 percent of households by the year 2020," he said. "The U.K. targets to reach offering 28 Mbps on average, while Germany aims 50 Mbps."

Regarding the goals set by Turk Telekom to mark the country’s centennial in 2023, he said: "Turk Telekom has similar targets to those of the European Union and works non-stop towards achieving Turkish government’s 2023 targets."

The company is owned by Oger Telecom (55 percent), the Turkish Treasury (25 percent) and the Turkiye Wealth Fund (5 percent), while the remaining 15 percent of its shares are publicly traded in Turkey's stock exchange market, Borsa Istanbul.

With more than 30,000 employees, Turk Telekom is providing nationwide integrated telecommunication services to its over 42,5 million subscribers in the fixed voice, broadband, mobile, and pay-TV markets.

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