Trabzonspor, Lazio tied in Europa League

"Black Sea Storm" dies down early as Italian giants score two in a row for unlikely comeback with five mins to go

Trabzonspor, Lazio tied in Europa League

Trabzonspor fans rubbed their eyes in disbelief Thursday night as their team botched a 3-1 home lead against Italy's Lazio to settle for a draw at their second tally in UEFA Europa League group stage.

With six minutes on the clock and a two-goal margin following a game that could have easily turned into a lopsided victory for the hosts, Lazio's Floccari took advantage of a blunder by Trabzon's goalkeeper Onur to guide an easy header home.

Only seconds later, Floccari took to the stage again, this time in a well-orchestrated attack that culminated in a precise ground finish that sent Onur flying towards the other side of the post.

Despite heavy disappointment, the "Black Sea Storm" still holds a favorable second seat at Group J right behind Lazio, with four points apiece.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 03 Ekim 2013, 23:20

Muhammed Öylek