In first, UAE unveils unmanned Mars mission

A purely Emirati team composed of 150 engineers and scientists will work on a mission to send an unmanned probe to Mars in 2021

In first, UAE unveils unmanned Mars mission

World Bulletin / News Desk

In a first for the Arab and Muslim world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday announced plans to send an unmanned probe to Mars.

Dubbed "Hope," the mission aims to explore the Martian atmosphere, according to UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also ruler of Dubai.

"We have launched the UAE scientific project for the exploration of Mars," Al Maktoum declared.

He added that the name of the space probe had been chosen from among thousands of suggestions.

Al Maktoum said the mission would give hope to millions of young people across the Arab world.

"Sheikh Zayed [the founder of the UAE] represented hope for us," Al Maktoum said. "In a like fashion, the UAE represents hope for many people."

He noted that the unmanned probe would give hope to Arab youth and deliver the message that nothing was impossible.

Al Maktoum said the study would seek answers to numerous questions, including the reason for the lack of water and, consequently, the lack of life on the red planet.

The probe, which will monitor daily weather conditions on Mars, is scheduled for launch in 2020, according to the UAE's official news agency.

The journey is expected to take 200 days, the news agency said, adding that the mission would end in 2023 – although it could be extended until 2025.

In December of 2013, the UAE announced plans to build its first home-grown satellite.

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