Japan remembers tragic sinking of Ottoman ship

540 Ottoman sailors drowned on September 16, 1890 when the Ertugrul Firkateyni sank on its return journey.

Japan remembers tragic sinking of Ottoman ship

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Today, the people of Japan are commemorating 124 years since the tragic sinking of the Ertugrul Firkateyni ship, which was sent to them by the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II.

Having sailed for 11 months across the ocean to finally reach its destination in Kushimoto, Japan, to deliver gifts to the Japanese Emporer, the ship got caught in a storm near the coast of Japan on its return on September 16, 1890.

540 sailors drowned in the incident, causing great sorrow for both Japan and the Ottoman Empire. Since this tragic day in history, the Japanese have been commemorating with songs expressing their grief over the loss of the sailors and gratitude for the gifts they brought with them.

Next year, to mark the 125th anniversary, the Turkish Navy announced it will repeat the journey with the Salih Reis ship. The ship will set sail in June 2015 and deliver a plaque in remembrance of the lost sailors. 

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