A fleeing Kurd teaches Syrian refugee kids in Turkey

A Kurdish teacher, after fled fight in Syria, started to teach the kids arriving Suruc

A fleeing Kurd teaches Syrian refugee kids in Turkey

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A Kurdish teacher fleeing ongoing armed conlifts in his country has arrived at Suruc, in which has a refugee camp on the Turkey-Syria border, and afterwards he started to teach kids of Syrian Kurdish families.

Kurdish families and kids fleeing fights between some Kurdish groups and ISIL in Syrian Allepo Kobani (Ayn el Arab) district, are trying to survive in Suruc.

The teachers fleeing fights are trying to teach the kids in order not to miss their class normally they used to attend in regular schools. 
One of the teachers in that camp Muhammed Nur, who used to be a teacher in Kobani and also a lawyer, gets the children together and teach them under color of giving candies, choclate and some milk. The teacher Nur also gives the kids some staff to encourage them to work hard their lessons.

Nur said they had to take shelter in Turkey, AA reported.

He also sad that Turkey has welcomed and given them fecilities to survive.  “We used to live Kobani and ISIL came out and then we had to leave ouf homeland. They're about to kill us. For this reason I, with my family, had to leave. We're hoping to be ended the war in our country and to be found a solution.” he added.

The teacher Nur said he tried to help children and they need some teaching staff like notebooks, pens, boards and desks in order to teach better.

Syrian Kurdish kids says that they want to attend the lessons but they have neither notebook nor pencil.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 Ekim 2014, 16:35

Muhammed Öylek